Zero Sum Games in Monroeville

Yes to Libraries Yes to Monroeville

Libraries lose for different reasons. When it is a ‘zero-sum game’ in town, it is hard to communicate a new vision for the community. The vote in Monroeville, PA. faced that yesterday. And it went down with an 84% NO.

Monroeville resident Carmen Sapir, 69, said that although she appreciates the importance of a community library, she thinks the proposed tax increase was unnecessary.  “I was conflicted because I come from a long line of teachers and I love reading,” Sapir said. “But it’s an ongoing tax and they’re going to survive without that additional money.”

The library had a strong vision for moving their funding to a stable footing and away from a ‘patchwork’ of general funds, donations, and, in some years, hope for the best. The community put the measure on the ballot by petition, even. EveryLibrary believes that dedicated tax revenue is a cornerstone for running good libraries – in Monroeville, PA. and across the country. We’re happy we donated to the Yes to Libraries, Yes to Monroeville committee so they could do more GOTV. We’re sorry to see that the established political interests in town saw stable library funding as a threat.

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