Welcoming Kyle Courtney

Kyle CourtneyWe are thrilled today to announce that Kyle K. Courtney, Esq., has joined our Advisory Committee to consult on Libraries & the Law.  Libraries are occasionally targets of lawsuits that can affect their ability to function as a district. There are times when libraries also need to take a matter to court to have a voter-approved measure enacted by another unit of government.  And there is a role for citizen-lead actions on behalf of their libraries to make a reasonable and necessary appeal to remedy funding disparities in communities. We’ve seen it from the other side. Having Mr. Courtney on our Advisory Committee allows us to being exploring these important discussions about the role of inter-governmental authory and a government that is responsive to peoples’ rights under the law. His full bio is below:

Kyle K. Courtney is Library & the Law Advisor to EveryLibrary, focusing on the civic and political matrix between units of government and citizens. Mr. Courtney is Copyright Advisor at Harvard University at the Library’s Office for Scholarly Communication and teaches first year legal research sessions for the Law School’s Legal Research & Writing Program, while holding a dual appointment at Northeastern University teaching on cyberlaw issues. A nationally recognized authority on copyright, technology, libraries, and the law, he holds a J.D. with distinction in Intellectual Property Law and an MSLIS.  He tweets @KyleKCourtney

EveryLibrary is lucky and grateful for all our Advisory Committee members. They bring unique and important talents and networks to the work of our board and staff.  They have helped us grow quickly and strategically.


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