#VetoSB571 Petition Delivered to Governor Snyder

Gov Snyder at RostrumEveryLibrary dropped off our #VetoSB571 petition with 4,937 signatures to Governor Snyder today urging him to veto SB 571 and send it back to the Michigan legislature to fix Sec 57 provisions that create civil and criminal penalties on individuals – like librarians – and local units of government – like libraries – for sharing information within 60 days of their elections.

We are happy to report that 65% of the signatories are Michigan residents who have spoken up to protect librarians and library boards from this gag order. The remaining 35% of signers from around the country stand with the Governor Snyder’s Michigan constituents in concern for transparent and open elections, and in support of the role that librarians have in sharing information in our society.

As it is currently written, SB 571 would place a permanent election gag order on library boards and librarians. If SB 571 is signed by Governor Snyder and becomes law, librarians could be sent to jail for sharing factual information about elections with their communities. Library boards would be fined thousands of dollars for sending out a newsletter if it shares information about what is on your local ballot. This is detrimental to the public’s right to know about their elections and their taxes. We stand with these 4,937 librarians, library board members, concerned neighbors, and stakeholders in calling on Governor Snyder to veto SB571 and protect honest, transparent elections.

EveryLibrary joins our call to that of dozens of other state and national organizations including the Michigan Library Association, the Michigan Association of School Boards, the Michigan Association of School Administrators, the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals, the Michigan Townships Association, and the American Library Association in calling for the Governor to veto SB 571.

The bill has been enrolled and presented to the Governor. He has 14 days in which to decide to sign or veto the bill. These 4,937 petitioners agree that there is a compelling interest in vetoing SB 571 and fixing Section 57 to protect both the voters right to know and the role librarians have in sharing factual information about their elections. We trust the Governor will hear this concern and do what is right for Michigan. 

You can view our petition at http://action.everylibrary.org/michigansb571.

Track the #VetoSB571 tag on twitter and direct your tweets @onetoughnerd (Governor Snyder’s account)



  • December 29, 2015

    […] giving him 14 days in which to sign or veto the bill. EveryLibrary brought its #VetoSB571 petition with 4,937 signatures, 65 percent of which are from Michigan residents, to Snyder on the 29th as […]

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