Our Vendor Donors

EveryLibrary actively seeks corporate and vendor donors to help underwrite our pro-bono staff training and GOTV consulting work in 2018.

Our vision as a political action committee is to support any library on the ballot anywhere – because every library matters in our society. We are proud to have grown new corporate support during 2017 to help us realize this vision for library funding at the ballot box, and to have renewed our 2016 corporate donors as well. Their donations provide us with the tactical resources we needed to support 14 campaigns in 2017 and to begin the early work of supporting nearly 2 dozen more in 2018.

As we continue to cultivate new awareness and relationships around the library industry, we are delighted to find vendors and organizations who share a common concern for the future of library funding at the local level and who identify our work as an effective way to address the problem by winning elections for libraries. We would like to highlight special projects by our library vendor donors that would not have been possible without their vision:

Follett Learning – Founding sponsor for SaveSchoolLibrians.org

Gale, Cengage Learning – Founding SaveIMLS.org sponsor

Rosen Publishing — Lilead school librarian cohort training and Rapid Response Fund sustaining donor

BluuBeam – National Disability Voter Registration Week outreach

ZooBean – “Smart and Fun” event sponsor

Better World Books

Brainfuse, Inc.

ByWater Solutions

Counting Opinions



Innovative Interfaces


Library Juice Academy

Library Journal

Mango Languages

Midwest Tape


Niche Academy

Noll & Tam, Architects

Rosen Publishing

Tech Logic


W.T. Cox

To arrange a corporate contribution to EveryLibrary, please use our donation page or contact our Executive Director John Chrastka at john.chrastka@everylibrary.org or 312-574-0316. One-time or recurring monthly donations are welcome.