Transparency and Political Action

EveryLibrary is registered as 501(c)4 social welfare organizations with the IRS. EveryLibrary is subject to limitations and disclosure requirements set forth by the IRS. EveryLibrary collects and maintains donor records in full compliance with the law and current regulation. Donor information is subject to disclosure to these agencies. We maintain both legal counsel and financial auditing services to provide the required level of disclosure to state and federal agencies. Please contact executive director John Chrastka at with questions or concerns.

Political Speech and Political Money

However, EveryLibrary does not believe that the “required” level of disclosure is necessarily sufficient in our society and we would like to lead the way in providing donors with an opportunity to self-disclose your own level of donations – in support of libraries. EveryLibrary encourages all donors to consider the option of making one’s own name public in support of library initiatives.

During EveryLibrary’s pre-filing phase via, donors will need to be cognizant of the system has in place for self-identification and self-disclosure. EveryLibrary guarantees your privacy and confidentiality while encouraging steps toward full disclosure. Please note, however, that to maintain a full level of confidentiality for your donation, submit your donation by check or money order (US funds only) to EveryLibrary, P.O. Box 406, 45 E. Burlington, Riverside, IL. 60546.

Disclosure requirements are a topic of significant debate in our society with many people calling for more strident disclosure of donors and donations to (c)4 groups. EveryLibrary complies fully with current law and regulation concerning donors and donations while engaging as a participant in discussions around changes to the law which would provide for more transparency in our political process.

Mailing Lists and Privacy Policies
EveryLibrary uses multiple third-party services to communicate with donors and supporters. As a registered user, EveryLibrary complies with posted privacy policies for opt-in and subscriber communications. Likewise, EveryLibrary maintains accounts on several third-party social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. As a registered user of those sites we comply with relevant privacy policies therein. Please see each site for more information.


  • Hi, I’ve looked and looked and can’t find the following:

    Total dollars contributed

    Total dollars spent on advocacy

    Total dollars spent on EveryLibrary overhead and salaries.

    Maybe I’m not looking in the right place.


    Michael BarnesJanuary 6, 2015
  • Michael, I’d direct you to our 2015 Annual Report at and our 2013 Annual Report at Staff salaries as of this writing are zero. We’re a lean startup.

    John ChrastkaApril 12, 2015
  • I’d love to support you, but I was taken aback that you required my employer information. I’ve never been asked to provide that before when making a donation. Please explain.


    Amy StewartMarch 17, 2016
  • Amy, We ask for Employer because it is required for political donations. We are not a c3 charity. As a 501c4 organization, we are required to report to the IRS not only who is donating but also their employer. That regulation is intended to provide more transparency about where political donations may originate. We appreciate your interest in our work and respect your concerns while remaining compliant with federal law.

    John ChrastkaApril 15, 2016

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