Total Boox Makes Contribution to EveryLibrary

Total BooxEveryLibrary today announces an ongoing contribution from Total Boox, a new provider of thousands of ebooks from high-quality publishers. Total Boox is making its contribution in support of EveryLibrary’s mission to improve library funding by building the political capacity of libraries.

Since early 2013, EveryLibrary has successfully supported over 14 library communities as they campaigned for bonds, levies, and other referendum, helping secure over $40 million in stable tax revenue for these libraries.

“Total Boox’ contribution of hosting meetups after Lead the Change workshops helps build awareness of our work among library leaders. Unless we reach librarians who want to become politically active, who want to make sure that their levies pass, we can do little. Total Boox is a strong supporter of libraries in this very concrete and personal way,” says John Chrastka, EveryLibrary Executive Director.

“EveryLibrary empowers libraries to compete at the ballot box, just as we empower them to compete in the ebook marketplace. Before Total Boox, two things had to occur for an ebook to be available to a public library patron: 1) the library had to buy the ebook in advance and 2) the ebook could not be checked out by another patron or have a hold placed on it. This left the library at a disadvantage compared with consumer-oriented ebook providers. With Total Boox, all titles are always available to all readers—with no waiting lines, expirations, or holds—so librarians can compete, again. But if libraries fail to get the funding they need, there’s little we can do to help them,” says Peyton Stafford, Total Boox VP of Library Services.

About Total Boox: Total Boox is an innovative entrant into the ebook market, providing several revolutionary services for libraries, consumers and publishers. Based on the understanding that the digital shift creates tremendous opportunities for the entire book industry, Total Boox strives to seize these opportunities, eliminate barriers to access, encourage exploration and introduce business models that greatly improve reader-book interaction.

About EveryLibrary: EveryLibrary is a politically active organization that is supported by contributions from individuals, corporations, and unions nationwide who believe that libraries matter in our society. You can learn more about EveryLibrary and its work building voter support for libraries and set up a monthly donation at
John Chrastka
Executive Director 312-574-0316

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