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Why Local Isn’t Enough

In this piece from The Political Librarian, author AJ Million takes us through the current model for local library funding and exposes the historic context in a way that could encourage us to re-imagine the model.  You can read the full version of Vol 1 Issue 1, including articles by Bill Kennedy, Lindsay Sarin, and John […]


Getting to the AHA Moment

In this issue of The Political Librarian, author Bill Kennedy takes us through the ins and outs of planning for a ballot measure, and then reconnecting with voters after a loss.  You can read the full text of Volume 1 Issue 1, including pieces by AJ Million, Lindsay Sarin, and John Chrastka, online. GETTING TO THE AHA* MOMENT […]


The Political Librarian – Vol I Issue 1

Announcing Volume I, Issue 1 of The Political Librarian, our new journal at the intersection local libraries, public policy and tax policy. We are interested in featuring new voices and lines of inquiry, and are interested in publishing opinion pieces, white papers, and peer reviewed works.  You are invited to contribute to Vol 2 Issue 1 for […]