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Gov Snyder at Rostrum

Michigan Gag Order Now Permanently Blocked

Great news for Michigan libraries on the ballot: the federal Judge hearing the PA 269 / SB571 “gag order” suit made his temporary injunction against enforcement permanent today. Congratulations to the Michigan Library Association, one of the co-plaintiffs in the suit, for prevailing. MLA has the news: MLA and Member Efforts Deliver a Victory for […]

Gov Snyder at Rostrum

#VetoSB571 Petition Delivered to Governor Snyder

EveryLibrary dropped off our #VetoSB571 petition with 4,937 signatures to Governor Snyder today urging him to veto SB 571 and send it back to the Michigan legislature to fix Sec 57 provisions that create civil and criminal penalties on individuals – like librarians – and local units of government – like libraries – for sharing information within 60 days […]

3800 signatures in 48 hours

Another 1784 #VetoSB571 Signatures to Governor Snyder

Today, EveryLibrary is sending a fresh batch of 1,784 #VetoSB571 petition signatures to Governor Snyder in Lansing. These signatures by librarians and library supporters come from across Michigan (67%) and around the country (33%).  That brings the 2-day total to 3,801 people who are asking the Governor to protect librarians and library boards from a permanent […]

Lance Werner, Director, Kent District Library in Michigan

It is About Transparency in Michigan Elections – VetoSB571

editor’s note:  We are happy to share a guest post today from Lance Werner, director of the Kent District Library (KDL) in Michigan.  KDL passed a $20.6 million dollar millage renewal in August 2014.  We were proud to support Lance and his team on their information only communications campaign work.  If SB571 was the law then, he and […]

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Veto SB 571

The Michigan House and Senate pulled a fast one last week and Governor Snyder needs to do the right thing for libraries, schools, and parks by Vetoing SB 571.  If SB 571 becomes law, librarians could be sent to jail for sharing factual information about elections with their communities. Library boards could be fined thousands […]