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7 Challenges for Librarians from SXSW

#7 Libraries are “big data” companies masquerading as public anchor institutions. We need to bring our best IT people and enterprise-level vendors out to conferences like SXSW to tell the story of what multi-institutional resource sharing really means. We are better at it than we think. And networked libraries, systems, co-ops, vendors have a lot […]

Do You Library?

EveryLibrary at SXSW 2015

We are very proud to be a part of the Lib*Interactive crew again at South By Southwest 2015 (SXSW).  This will be our third year going to the conference to talk about libraries and librarians to venture capitalists, starters, and entrepreneurs and to engage broader policy discussions with a library perspective.  As a part of the […]


Libraries as an Extension of Your Start-up

We’re excited that Anything Libraries wanted to publish our story on how libraries and librarians support start-ups and entrepreneurs.  It’s still cutting edge in libraries to talk about this.  Though librarians have been supporting business development in their communities since forever.  Maybe we need to reframe it when we talk to 2.0 businesses. SPARK – […]

Fixing Problems for Starters, Incubators, and Accelerators

The average start-up has 99 problems, but access to good business intelligence information through their librarian shouldn’t be one. Check out a post-SXSW 2014 piece that EveryLibrary put together that helps frame the library as a resource and the librarian as a “problem fixer” for starters and entrepreneurs at any point in their business development […]

EveryLibrary Showcases Cutting-Edge Librarians at SXSW Interactive

EveryLibrary Showcases Cutting-Edge Librarians and Libraries’ Entrepreneurial Resources at SXSW Interactive AUSTIN – EveryLibrary, a forward-thinking library advocacy organization, will be hosting a series of conversations during South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, March 7 – 11, with starters, venture capitalists, policy organizations and think tanks about the role of libraries and librarians in the startup […]

Libraries & Librarians as Major Players in Tech at SXSWi

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Libraries & Librarians as Major Players in Tech at SXSWi Library Technology Leaders Travel to SXSWi to Showcase Trends hosted by Innovative AUSTIN (March 5, 2014) – Representatives from the library industry’s leading organizations and associations are attending SXSW Interactive to raise awareness of the ways librarians are already supporting emerging entrepreneurs […]

Engagement at SXSW 2014 – #sxswLAM

EveryLibrary is heading to Austin for South by Southwest Interactive from Wednesday 3/5 – Weds 3/12 for several good days of talking with start-ups and venture capitalists about libraries, and with policy folks about libraries and national tech policy.  We have an important question to ask at this significant tech conference: “How do libraries fit […]

It’s About Relevance

One of the objections campaigns regularly hear is “why do we even need libraries when we have the internet?”  Part of our job as a national political action committee is to help demonstrate the ongoing relevance of libraries and librarians in the digital age.  For all the stories you have about working with people to […]

Talking to Startups about Libraries

We are heading to South by Southwest Interactive early in March to continue the conversation we began last SXSWi with starters, venture capitalists, and policy and think tank folks about libraries.  We’re very lucky to be a part of a great crew of librarians and library organizations who are bringing new visibility about the profession […]