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Your Action Helped Save School Librarians in South Orange/Maplewood, New Jersey

A message from Elissa Malespina Almost two years ago hundreds of people took action and signed a petition on EveryLibrary’s platform to stop the cuts to the school libraries in South Orange, New Jersey. Last night the South Orange/ Maplewood Board of Education voted to hire a second full time certified librarian for the High […]


Announcing our powerful new platform to fight for school librarians!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our new site and an expanded partnership with five state school library associations and Follet Learning to work on restoring school librarians to schools and districts – and to expanding funding for school library programs – in their states. EveryLibrary has been an active and engaged […]


Library Closures and Defunding Concerns in 2017

It already looks like 2017 will be a daunting year for library funding and support across the country. We are disheartened to report at least two public library closures and a continued decline of school library funding and support. We are also concerned about an empowered Republican Study Committee who have proposed Federal Budgets with […]

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School Librarians in Galesburg Under Threat

Sign the petition today to keep school librarians in Galesburg school libraries! In Illinois, the Galesburg School District’s administration recently proposed cutting 7 of the 8 librarians for next year in order to save money. This short sighted proposal would mean that there is only one remaining school librarian who would serve as the District […]


You helped school libraries win in South Orange, NJ

We are proud to have so many Americans support school libraries and fight back when they are being threatened for closure. That’s exactly what happened in South Orange-Maplewood School District. We were able to use the resources provided by people like you to help the citizens fight back when SOMSD was cutting the school librarians […]

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Every School Library Matters

My kids go back to school today. Over the last four years they have watched me work on almost 50 public library campaigns. They were little when I started EveryLibrary. They are starting 6th and 2nd grades now, and are getting old enough to understand the vital work we do on library elections. This year […]


Reverse the Cuts to Chicago School Lirbaries

Please send an email to the Chicago Board of Education and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. This year marks another year of drastic cuts to school librarians. In fact, Chicago Public Schools are even cutting the school librarian that the students themselves stood up and successfully fought for last year. Please, don’t let our students go unsupported! Chicago […]

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Rosen Publishing and EveryLibrary Provide Pro-Bono Consulting to State Level School Library Stakeholders for ESSA Implementation Planning

For Immediate Release 20 July 2016 Rosen Publishing and EveryLibrary Provide Pro-Bono Consulting to State Level School Library Stakeholders for ESSA Implementation Planning Rosen Publishing and EveryLibrary today announce a joint project to provide pro-bono strategic consulting services to state-level school library stakeholders for ESSA Implementation Planning in their states. EveryLibrary, the first nationwide Political […]

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It’s Time to Hire Librarians at Christina School District

Many of the secondary schools in the Christina School District in Wilmington, DE. intend to continue to operate without librarians.  Despite the passing of a recent referendum that will enable the district to employ more teachers and reduce the average class size, the district will continue to open many of its doors this August to […]

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Don’t Trade the Libraries Away at Trinity Area Schools

The Trinity Area School Board in Washington County, PA made a disastrous decision to eliminate the high school librarian position in April. They voted 7-1 to take this unprecedented action while also, that same night, voting to increase coaches’ and extracurricular sponsors’ salaries from $379,538 to $418,671, an increase of $39,133. This means that to fund these […]