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Send Librarians to Congress

Federal funding for libraries would be eliminated in the proposed “Skinny Budget” from President Trump. Many of our elected representatives are unaware of the work that librarians do for millions of Americans every day. We need to show Congress that librarians are providing critical services for communities and teach Congress about the impact that librarians’ […]


Support Libraries Across the Country for Giving Tuesday

On Tuesday, November 29th, you have an opportunity to take action to build voter support for libraries by making a contribution to the national PAC for libraries and helping to support these great institutions. We would love to see you to join the millions of other Americans who are making contributions to their favorite cause […]


A Win Against Censorship and Book Banning in Virginia

When a politician in Virginia tried to meddle in the local school district and ban books from the local school while ridiculously threatening the jobs of the librarians, we put out a call to action and hundreds of people stood up against her. This week, our colleagues at VAASL (the Virginia Association of School Librarians) […]