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How is Making a Difference

Publisher’s Weekly just released a great feature article about our collaboration with Follett Learning to create and launch, our national advocacy site focused on creating district-by-district change for school library funding. The goal of the site is to help any school librarian anywhere who is facing a threat to their position or sees an unfair budget cut […]

We did it

Looks Like #noLB969 Worked in Nebraska

Well team, we are pleased to report that LB969, the bill in the Nebraska state legislature that would have dismantled library boards of trustees, devolved hire/fire for all employees to local mayors and city councils, set up “advisory committees” to choose books and collections for these libraries instead of professional librarians, and would have made […]


Protect Nebraska Libraries!

The Nebraska legislature is currently reviewing a terrible bill for libraries that needs to be stopped. LB 969 would put politicians in charge of local libraries, instead of librarians and boards.  The General Affairs Committee there is set to have a hearing on it Monday, February 1st.  Our colleagues at the Nebraska Library Association have their […]