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Lib Politics Rodeo September 15, 2015

News from around the #libraries #politics world Ballots are due today in Darby (MT) for a special election to decide if the library will get a 3 millage increase to its funding. It will make up one third of their budget and will be used for staffing, facility maintenance, and materials. We have been working […]

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Miami-Dade Library’s Budget – Holding the Line

Last spring, EveryLibrary and Urban Librarians Unite were invited to help convene a new Coalition for Miami-Dade County Libraries. The Coalition was broad-based and came together to fight proposed cuts to the FY 14-15 budget by the Mayor.  The proposed cuts included about $22 million on a $44 million base budget.  Those proposed cuts followed a […]

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Lib Politics Rodeo Top 5 Stories of 2014

Howdy everyone. 2014 is nearly done and so is our work for elections in this calendar year. In case you think we are contemplating complacency and resting our feet by the fire, know that we are reflecting on our 2nd year and adding to our 2015 to dos. The Lib Politics Rodeo reported a lot […]

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Miami-Dade Coalition Follow-up

We received a very nice note from John Quick, the president of the Friends of the Miami-Dade County Public Library, about our work supporting the Coalition to Save Miami-Dade Libraries (of which he was a co-chair).  We’re very proud of our early support of the grassroots movement in 2013 to lobby county government to back-fill cuts to […]


Miami-Dade Coalition – Special Lib Politics Rodeo

Led by the Coalition to Save our Libraries, a huge number of Miami-Dade library supporters went to fight for their library yesterday at the Board of County Commissioners hearing. After months of discussions and negotiations with commissioners, in the media, and across the social and civic landscape in the county, supporters packed the chambers to ask for […]

Building the Miami-Dade Coalition

This spring, EveryLibrary and Urban Librarians Unite (ULU)  teamed up on a joint project to support the creation of the Coalition to Save our Libraries in Miami-Dade County, FL.  EveryLibrary’s involvement in Miami-Dade started in September, 2013 when the Mayor wanted to cut the libary’s budget by about $20 million dollars.  We did some advertising in the County […]

Reporting on Miami-Dade Marketing

The Commissioners in Miami-Dade County met at 5pm EDT today.  The ad buy to activate citizens to Save The Miami-Dade County Library – which you helped fund – played out like this: Page Engagements  = 1,163 New Page Likess = 214 Campaign Reach  = 107,090 out of aprox 340,000 Frequency = 1.6 times Clicks = 1,906 Click-Through Rate = 2.518% We […]

Libraries In Crisis

In case you haven’t heard the news, there are two major crises in public library land that are occurring right now.  We want to assure you that we are keeping a close eye on the developments and are in close contact with those involved to ensure that we are there to help as soon as […]