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TPL Webinar – Libraries, Social Media, and Politics: Do You Know What to Post?

View the archive of the Feb 15th, 2018 webinar for free on EveryLibrary’s Vimeo channel. View or download the slides from the webinar on EveryLibrary’s SlideShare. According to a recent survey, librarians frequently “self-censor” their posts about local, state, and national political issues more than is required by policy or law. If that self-censorship is getting […]

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Facebook Tips for Vote YES Campaigns

Facebook advertising is a necessary and helpful extension of your person-to-person canvassing. Among all social networking channels, Facebook allows for the most specific, target-able, and actionable ad environment for volunteer and supporter engagement. Set aside some $$ If you cannot earmark funds for the entire run of the vote YES campaign, focus on the 6 […]