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Time for Voter Registration at your Library!

EveryLibrary is the national library partner for National Voter Registration Day on September 26th. I hope your library can be a local partner and help ensure that every American is registered to vote for election day on November 7th. Over the last 2 years, we have helped over 450 libraries across the country be a […]


Show Solidarity With All Americans With These ‘All Are Welcome’ Buttons

One of the best things about our nation’s 9,000 library systems is that there are no exclusionary rules and everyone is welcome. Millions of people from different places and of all ages, sexes, races, religions, preferences, and socio-economic backgrounds come through those doors every day. As a country, we are fortunate that libraries are supported […]


To be the Change We Seek – 2017 EveryLibrary Agenda

Since the Election, EveryLibrary’s leadership team has listened as Americans have grappled with fundamental issues about our country in order to build our agenda for 2017 and beyond. We started EveryLibrary to help ensure that thousands of local libraries in diverse communities have the resources they need to help people succeed. Whether it is with […]

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Lib Politics Rodeo February 25, 2016

News from around the #libraries #politics world Voters in Columbus, NE will have two initiatives to vote on the May 10th primary election ballot, the first for a 1% tax increase and the second for a .5% increase. The 1% will fund infrastructure projects and capital purchases, the .5% tax will go towards a proposed downtown library […]

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Lib Politics Rodeo February 17, 2016

We’re starting this week’s Rodeo highlighting John Chrastka and Rachel Korman’s recent Library Journal Article: Constant Campaign | Budgets & Funding. Starting off with some impressive statistics about the 2015 local library ballot ecosystem (nearly 150 libraries in 24 states held referenda to renew or enact taxes for operations, staffing, or facilities; 1.1 million voters showed […]

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Help Us Match ByWater Solutions’ $1,500 contribution challenge.

ByWater Solutions has generously made a commitment to donate $1,500 to our VoteLibraries project if we can get $1,500 in matching donations. If we succeed in matching this donation we will have the resources to put ads about voting for libraries in front of 300 thousand Americans through online adspace duringthe primaries. If only 100 […]

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Lib Politics Rodeo February 3, 2016

News from around the #libraries #politics world Residents of Winter Park, Florida have the opportunity  to vote for a $30 million bond referendum to help fund a proposed 50,000 square foot library during upcoming the March 15th general election. Tax money from the referendum and a $2.5 million-dollar contribution from the library will go toward covering […]


Help! American Libraries Are Under Attack.

You might not have read some of the recent press about the aggressive campaigns against American libraries but as we start moving into the 2016 presidential elections we are starting to see the anti-tax groups turn more of their resources against these great institutions. The recent fights we have seen are just the beginning of […]

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Lib Politics Rodeo December 29, 2015

News from around the #libraries #politics world Voters in Oakwood (OH) will see a $9.7 million bond for library renovations on their March 2016 ballot. The money is needed to renovate the historic building from 1937 that has been added to up until 1983. The building needs technology updates, better reading spaces, and repairs for water issues in […]

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October Elections Round Up

There were a few library elections that we were tracking in October. We’re proud to see that all three were WINS for libraries.  Hopefully this trend will continue in to November. A ballot initiative called Norman Forward (OK) was passed by 72% of voters on October 13. A one half percent sales tax, over 15 […]