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Announcing Nicole Powell As EveryLibrary Advisor

EveryLibrary is excited to announce that Nicole Powell will be joining our list of advisers. She is specifically taking a role advising and advocating for libraries to take a more active role in voter registration activities in their communities. Nicole has advised us for the previous two years about voter registration in libraries and has been instrumental […]

Ian Singer Advisory Comm March 2016

Ian Singer Joins EveryLibrary Advisory Committee

We are pleased to announce today that Ian Singer, Chief Content Officer for Credo Reference and former Vice President of Group Publishing at Media Source, has joined EveryLibrary’s Advisory Committee. Ian will be helping us map out our plan for fundraising and development. We are moving rapidly as an organization past the ‘proof of concept’ […]

Sara Kelly Johns for Advisory Comm

Sara Kelly Johns joins our Advisory Committee

We are thrilled to announce that Sara Kelly Johns has joined our Advisory Committee to provide strategic and tactical advice around our school library initiatives. Sara is joining the committee at a key time for us. Since our founding, we have promised to work on measures at the ballot for all types of libraries. The […]

Kyle Courtney

Welcoming Kyle Courtney

We are thrilled today to announce that Kyle K. Courtney, Esq., has joined our Advisory Committee to consult on Libraries & the Law.  Libraries are occasionally targets of lawsuits that can affect their ability to function as a district. There are times when libraries also need to take a matter to court to have a […]

Ed Garcia

Welcoming Ed Garcia to our Advisory Committee

We are thrilled today to announce that Ed Garcia, director of the Cranston (RI) Public Library, is joining our Advisory Committee as a campaign advisor.  In November 2014, Ed and his team successfully fielded a $6 million building and renovation bond to the voters in Cranston.  It was one of our campaigns and a great […]