Reporting on Miami-Dade Marketing

The Commissioners in Miami-Dade County met at 5pm EDT today.  The ad buy to activate citizens to Save The Miami-Dade County Library – which you helped fund – played out like this:

Page Engagements  = 1,163

New Page Likess = 214

Campaign Reach  = 107,090 out of aprox 340,000

Frequency = 1.6 times

Clicks = 1,906

Click-Through Rate = 2.518%

We also provided advertising support to reach constituents of specific Commissioners.   These ads boosted several district-specific posts and were targeted at a just a few cities.  In that they went to a much smaller pool of potential people – around 12,000 to 16,000 in each District – we were able to activate several dozen extremely local connections to individual Commissioners. But like with any social media advertising, it is always easier to reach people a bigger pool (like all of Miami-Dade County) than it is to reach a smaller one (like just Key Biscane) quickly.


  • December 4, 2014

    […] to Save Miami-Dade Libraries (of which he was a co-chair).  We’re very proud of our early support of the grassroots movement in 2013 to lobby county government to back-fill cuts to the library […]

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