Questions from The Political Librarian

The Political LibrarianWe issued our Call for Contributors to our new journal, The Political Librarian, a few days back.  We’re posting a series of questions that we are hoping to begin a discussion about – and maybe find a few answers to –  from around our diverse and engaged library ecosystem.  We want your ideas and your submissions, but if you’re interested and wondering where to start with a thought piece, a white paper, or a peer-reviewed submission, here’s a question we have:

Much of the dialog and advocacy in the profession concerns ways to enhance, improve, or augment state and federal revenue for local libraries. But when these nonlocal sources of funding are limited to a few pennies per capita, the effectiveness of each library is limited to its local tax base. As we have seen during the recent recession, without a diverse funding streams from multiple sources, library funding is at the mercy of local political forces. What can and should be done to provide a more stable tax environment for local libraries within regions or states?

Please contact our Editor  Lindsay Sarin with your thoughts on this or other topics related to tax policy and public policy for local libraries.



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