Preserve Funding for NEA, NEH & PBS

neh-quote-librariesAt EveryLibrary, we believe that any threatened cuts to funding for the arts, humanities, and cultural programs is a threat to all cultural institutions – including libraries.

We need to stand up and speak out now to our elected officials about the importance of the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and Public Broadcasting Service. Yes, only a small portion of their $741 million combined budgets goes to libraries for programs. But those are pretty significant programs through libraries that improve the cultural, artistic, and social lives of many communities. Combined, it is less than .016% of the Federal Budget. We are asking you today to help hold the line on NEA and NEH and PBS, not just for those library programs, but for the cultural and artistic life of our country.

Just $5-10 a month helps us put these petitions in front of thousands of Americans each month.

Please use this form to contact your members of Congress today and ask them to preserve NEA, NEH, and PBS funding in the next and future budgets. You can make a difference today by sending this message early about cultural programming and our libraries.

As the threats to the NEA, the NEH, and PBS become clearer, we want to bring our community of library supporters to this fight. If the forces that want to cut or privatize the arts and humanities succeed, we are concerned that is a short policy-walk to libraries, museums, and other anchor institutions. Please add your voice and tell your member of Congress to preserve the NEA, NEH, and PBS. Please share this message on social media and with your personal networks.

Let your elected officials know that these are American budget priorities.

A donation of $25-50 funds our political actions for libraries

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