Preserve Funding for IMLS, NEH, NEA and PBS – Act Now

The president’s 2018 budget framework was announced today and it calls for the elimination of the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The IMLS is the only federal agency that funds libraries nationwide. The IMLS is the main federal source for innovative library programs that support early literacy, people trying to find work, and better community outcomes through libraries. If this library program is cut – along with NEA, NEH, and PBS as previously proposed – the impacts would be felt in small towns and in big city neighborhoods, in red and blue states alike. This is not a path to prosperity for Americans.

sign-the-petitionSign the petition to preserve funding for IMLS, NEA, NEH, and PBS today

 We need your help today – early in this fight for IMLS, NEA, NEH, and PBS – to send a message to your elected officials that these programs matter. If you care about the leverage that comes – like IMLS itself says – from supporting “Americans’ economic development, education, health and well-being” through libraries, please sign the petition now. Please share the petition and help us reach across networks to help activate other Americans like you who care.

A donation of $25-50 funds our political actions for libraries

This is not the last action we are taking to fight for these programs but we do need your help to make sure our next steps are even more effective and help us grow into a more effective organization.

EveryLibrary Petitions:

  • Ensure that library supporters have a voice in their communities
  • Collect signatures to deliver to politicians
  • Educate both the public and the politicians about library issues
  • Identify library supporters and activists in communities
  • Activate supporters to attend rallies, events, and take action for libraries

Signing and sharing EveryLibrary petitions ensure that libraries are given not only the signatures they need to fight for libraries, but they help identify the supporters and the activists they need as well. So please re-rweet the EveryLibrary petition and share it from EveryLibrary’s Facebook page

Thank you for standing up for libraries and museums, our history and our culture.

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