Get Outside the Lines with Your Library Card Signups

Outside the Lines Outside the Lines: Libraries Reintroduced is next week and the community is fantastically creative. We’re publishing “Library Card Signups Outside” today as our #GetOTL partnership to give you practical, actionable advice on going door-to-door to sign folks up for library cards and to re-introduce them to their librarians. It is powerful and effective – and you don’t need two forms of ID when you are standing at someone’s door. Click through for our guide and get Outside the Lines next week.

Library Card Signups Outside – EveryLibray – GetOTL 2014 (opens PDF)

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Our friends at Evanced Solutions did a nice piece last month on ways to amp up your library card signups, and they featured EveryLibrary’s door-to-door approach along with the work the folks at Kitsap Regional Library doing card signups on the ferry last year.  Give this a click through to learn more:

Are You Preaching to the Converted During Library Card Sign-Up Month?

In order to cater to adults without library cards, public libraries sometimes set up informational tables during outdoor events like street festivals and farmers’ markets. But, because of the need for proof of address, closing the deal in these situations can be difficult. (After all, who carries their utility bills with them?)

What’s more, John Chrastka, executive director of EveryLibrary, said, “That tends to still be inbound. We just moved the reference desk from the inside of the library to the outside of the library. It’s still the same [inbound] mode or mindset. We need to do things a little bit differently.”

A relatively new political action committee for libraries, EveryLibrary works on local library ballot initiatives. Chrastka believes libraries can take a lot away from political models, and—this is where those comfortable shoes come in—he actually encourages librarians to use door-to-door campaigning techniques. “It’s the most basic form of enfranchisement. You say, ‘I’m your librarian. Here’s my business card,’” he explained.

“In campaigning from president down to the dog catcher, people get to meet the candidate or their representative in order to really be solidified as a voter for them. The best way to solidify a voter is to have them pledge to vote ‘yes’ to your face,” he said.

Chrastka points to a 2008 Gates Foundation [funded] study called “From Awareness to Funding” to to bolster the point. “That study proves very strongly that voters are activated by the perception of the librarian as much as their perception of the institution,” he said.




Library Card Signups Outside – EveryLibray – GetOTL 2014 (opens PDF)

Library Card Signups Outside –  flip book on LucidPress

I Don’t Need Two Forms of ID When I am Standing at Your Door – Library Journal, Sept 2013


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