Our November Libraries

fb_img_1472691243592We have the unique pleasure of working with both the staff and boards of the libraries we serve along with the local folks who make up the Vote Yes committee for their libraries. There are 16 libraries we count as ‘our own’ on the ballot tomorrow, November 8th, 2016. We have worked with some of them for 18 or 20 months in the lead up to tomorrow. Others have been shorter relationships with their leadership team, but no less intense. Almost all the Vote Yes committees have received a direct monetary donation from EveryLibrary to do their Get Out the Vote well. It is a key differentiator between our work as a Political Action Committee for libraries and the rest of the library advocacy ecosystem. While they work on everyday advocacy, we work on Election Day and Budget Day. It’s a good niche to be in….

Our November 2016 library campaigns:

Basalt (CO) Regional Library – $350,000 in new operational funds
Brookfield (IL) Public Library – $10.3 million for a new library and operating funds
Crystal Lake (IL) Public Library – $30 million for a new library and operating funds
Douglas County (OR) Library – new district library that avoids closure
Dorchester County (SC) – $30 million 2 new libraries and 1 facilities upgrade
Helen Plum Library (IL) – $22 million new library and operating funds
Jasper-Dubois County (IN) Library – $6.2 million new library with $1.9 million grant contingent on passage
Jeannette (PA) Public Library – $62,893 new operating funds that avoids closure
Lone Cone Library (CO) – $4 million for a new library with $1.5 million grant from state contingent on passage
Mancos County (CO) Library District – $96,000 new levy for operating funds
Meridian (ID) Library District – $12 million for 2 new libraries
Mid-Continent Public Library (MO) – $12 million in new operating funds and facilities upgrades
Nevada County (CA) Library – 1/4 cent sales tax for new operating funds and facilities upgrades
Pacifica (CA) / San Mateo County Library – $33.5 million property tax for a new library
Parkland Community Library (PA) – $10 million bond out of $14.2 million new library building project
Pleasant Hill (CA) / Contra Costa County Libraries – $4 million, 1/2 cent sales tax for library building and other uses
We look at these libraries as ‘ours’ because they are. The local vote YES committee did the walking, phone calls, and door knocking; we provided early organizing support, training, and an infusion of cash to kick start fundraising. Their staff and boards ran the tactical Informational Communications campaign and conversations; we were partners in developing a relevant strategy for their community and smoothing their path to the ballot. It’s been an honor and a privilege to work with them all in specific ways. We are pulling for them tomorrow. And we could only do it because of our donors.

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