Ohioans get out and vote for your libraries on November 3

ohiosticker3Ohio is turning out to be a heavy state for library funding ballot measures this November. So, get out and #votelibraries Ohioans and share the vote YES message with your fiends and family in those areas.

Piqua Public Library (OH) will have a levy renewal on the November 3 ballot. The 1.3 mill levy will be funded by property tax and is for basic operational costs in addition to staff and materials. Without the renewal the library will need to cut one third to half of its services. The Liberty Center Library (OH) will also have a 1.3 millage levy renewal before voters on November 3.

Also in Ohio, the Louisville Public Library is on the November 3 ballot for a 0.9 millage increase and the Massillon Public Library is on the ballot with a 2.9 millage levy renewal. The Birchard Public Library is on the ballot with a 5-year 1 millage levy renewal. The Holgate Library is on the ballot with a new 2 millage levy.  The Portage County Library is on the ballot for a 1 mill levy that would, for the first time, supplement the basic state aid they are currently operating with. 

Other Happenings

Yep, we too stop every once in a while to celebrate the things we have done and reflect on how we can grow. We are expecting 2016 to be a huge year for us with many library ballot measures to support, and also a challenging one to help local committees get their message out on top of the presidential news. We wouldn’t be where we are without your generous support and we need it to continue grow. Every donation of any amount helps. Every $1 you have given so far has help secure $3300 in library funding. Your gift can help libraries continue to celebrate.

You can check out Part II of EveryLibrary board member PC Sweeney’s “Effective Library Advocacy” IDEAS series for DEMCO (0ne of our awesome sponsors, see above).  This edition covers messaging. And if you are heading to Nevada Library Association conference this week, Patrick is speaking on Wednesday morning on “How to win elections and influence politicians”.


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