New Board Members

As EveryLibrary moves into our second year of building voter support for libraries, we are ready to expand our Board to help us grow strategically. Today, we are proud and happy to announce that Mel Gooch, Lindsay Sarin, and Peter Bromberg will be joining the EveryLibrary board at our Annual Meeting later this month.  Mel Gooch is branch manager and adult services librarian at San Francisco Public, Lindsay Sarin is MLS Program Coordinator at UMD, and Peter Bromberg is the former Associate Director at Princeton Public Library.  But beyond their professional affiliations, they are each strategic thinkers and doers around library advocacy.  Each share a perspective about the importance of modern librarianship in our society and the effectiveness of talking about the profession to voters and funders.  I am  thankful that they have identified service on the EveryLibrary Board as an exciting and engaged way to affect positive change for libraries.  You can read their full bios at our About Us page.

Our founding Board members, PC Sweeney and Erica Findley, have been central to our success.  From fundraising to campaign liaisons to acting as a public face of the organization, they have helped place EveryLibrary quickly and effectively into the library advocacy ecosystem.  Personally, I am grateful to them for their friendship, their work ethic, and their wisdom.  I would not have been able to make a transition to full-time as executive director as quickly without them.  We have broken some new ground together for libraries and I am glad that they will both continue serving.  Your financial support has been the wind beneath our wings.  Thank you for helping to make this happen.

New Board Bios

Mel Gooch
Mel Gooch understands the ecosystem of library advocacy, from front-line staff to citizen leadership.  A 2002 MLIS graduate from Rutgers University, she is library branch manager and adult services librarian for the San Francisco Public Library. Ms. Gooch is active in the American Library Association where she is an at-large member of their governing Council, serves on the Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) Program Committee and the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) Program Committee.   She is a co-founder and President of the new Bay Area Chapter of Urban Librarians Unite,  a professional group created to promote and support libraries, library staff, and librarianship in urban settings. She tweets at @mel_gooch.

Lindsay C. Sarin
Lindsay Sarin is conversant at the intersection of politics and libraries.  She is the MLS Program Coordinator at Maryland’s College of Information Studies and a 2011 graduate of the program, Reviews Editor of The Library Quarterly, and a Research Fellow at the Information Policy and Access Center (iPAC). Her research interests include information policy and its relationship to library advocacy, information literacy, marketing, and LIS education.  Ms. Sarin has published on how politics and policy impact library funding, and has co-authored Public Libraries, Public Policies, and Political Processes: Serving Transforming Communities in Times of Economic and Political Constraint (Spring 2014). She is an active member of the Maryland Library Association, American Library Association, and the Association of College and Research Libraries. She should be followed at @lcsarin.

Peter Bromberg
Peter Bromberg deeply believes in the potential of every person, and believes that libraries play a significant role in helping us unlock and develop our abilities and move in the direction of our dreams.  He is a 1992 MLS graduate of Rutgers University and was most recently Associate Director of the Princeton (NJ) Public Library.  He understands the crucial role libraries play in supporting democracy by creating a neutral space for respectful civic discourse, and by offering access and guidance to unbiased information.  For over 20 years Mr Bromberg has held leadership roles in state and national associations, including helping to inaugurate the Emerging Leaders program for ALA.  He can be found online at



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