Lib Politics Rodeo July 29, 2015

Rodeo catsHowdy, we’ve been really busy on the EveryLibrary ranch this past couple of weeks. We’re supporting five November campaigns and what could become over $5 million in stable funding for libraries if they are successful. No worries though, we’re always tracking what’s happening everywhere in the US. Here’s what we have in our lassos this week…

EveryLibrary received media coverage last week when John Chrastka called in to a City Commissioners meeting in Winter Park, Florida. Winter Park is considering a new library and Chrastka was able to provide early guidance. At the meeting they decided to place the bond measure on the March 2016 ballot and put together a task force to investigate a location for the new building. Chrastka was also able to help them identify other issues when determining how to present this to voters. Our early involvement will help form a strategy for a successful campaign.

Back in February  a measure to limit the development of the Rockport Library (ME) to its current location was voted down. Now that library is being torn down and a new one will be built in its place. In 2014 two measures were voted down for a new library in a new location, but it looks like Rockport was able to get a new library without having to go to voters.

There will be a half-cent sales tax increase on the November ballot for South San Francisco. The increase will fund new police and fire stations as well as a new library and rec center. It will also be used for other capital improvements to parks and roads. City Council is confident it will pass. It is expected to generate about $7 million per year over 30 years. There may be a $40 million bond measure on the Spanish Fork (UT) ballot this November. The bond would pay for a community center that would include the library, fitness center, indoor aquatic area and a senior citizen center. City Council has until August 18th to vote to put this measure on the November ballot.

The Town Board of Rhinebeck, New York voted unanimously for a measure to establish a tax district to support the Starr Library. The ballot date has not yet been decided and could be pushed into 2016 to allow for more time to educate voters.

Other Happenings

EveryLibrary Board Members, Brian Hart and John Chrastka will be in St. Louis at the National Conference of African American Librarians on August 7th giving a presentation on “The Librarian as a Candidate”. If you are already planning to go to the conference or are within driving distance don’t miss this session.  Conference registration information and session information are up. Hope to see you there.

Don’t forget National Voter Registration Day is coming on September 22nd. EveryLibrary is a partner with NVRD because we want to get libraries to drive civic engagement in their community. See how you can set your library up to participate.

We’re working on some big things this month. Stay tuned. Join us next week for another round up. Happy trails!

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