Koch Brothers Funded Anti-Library Robo Calls in Plainfield IL

Americans for Prosperity NO Message

The Koch Brothers funded “Americans for Prosperity” disinformation campaign against the Plainfield Library referendum.

UPDATED INFORMATION ON THIS FIGHT-> please click here and share!!

We have a video of the actual robocall used by the Koch Brothers to kill this campaign as well as links to the response by Plainfield Libraries and the real information about the campaign. Please click here and share this information with your friends and family.

Original Post Below

Americans for Prosperity, a Koch Brothers funded anti-tax super PAC, is running anti-library robocalls in Plainfield IL before their election on Tuesday. With the Koch Brothers coming out against the library, we are entering a new phase in the fight against ‘any tax is a bad tax’ forces and ideology. It’s very important for us to answer them in this fight. If you’re local in Chicagoland and want to volunteer to call people and walk the neighborhood this weekend, they are out on March 12, 13 and 14 across town. Please Click to join them.

EveryLibrary has already endorsed the Vote For Plainfield Library campaign and we started a new round of pro-library ads in town last night. Your donations will help us do it big and fast. Please donate today

And lastly, this may be the first but it won’t be the last time that the Koch Brothers will turn their  large forces against libraries. The Koch Brothers boast that they have over 2.8 million supporters. Libraries need to be just as well armed. That’s why we’re asking you to PLEASE sign and share this pledge of support for libraries and help us ID and engage more library supporters across the country that we can activate when these fights arise.

Libraries are dependent on what we do next. Please share this and help us fight back.


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