GetOTL This September

Outside the Lines With over 200 libraries now on board for 2015, Outside the Lines is the fastest growing outreach project anywhere in libraries this year.  Thanks to Public Libraries Online for covering the momentum leading up to Outside the Lines 2015. From September 13-19, hundreds of libraries in the US, Canada, Australia, and beyond are kicking off their normal programming and outreach to help re-shape how libraries are seen in their communities.  As EveryLibrary executive director John Chrastka said in the article:

“Most libraries need to update the nostalgia that non-users have about the library and librarians,” said Chrastka. “Outside the Lines is designed to support that updating by reintroducing the public to what we do every day in our libraries in a new way. EveryLibrary has supported Outside the Lines since the beginning because outreach to non-users is so important in a community discussion about funding. Whether you’re going to the ballot or negotiating your annual budget with your town, city, or council funding partners, you need to jump over the circ desk to get people’s attention. Your residents want to hear about what you do that changes lives and transforms communities.”

EveryLibrary was an early and consistent supporter of #GetOTL. If you are looking for quick inspiration on what your staff teams can do to be seen in a new way, start with our “Library Card Signups Outside” guide.  We’ll take you through all the steps to quickly plan and do a door-to-door campaign in a neighborhood or community that gets attention in the media and delivers library card access where it’s needed most. The official site and the Facebook group are both full of excellent examples for what you can do and how to share about your success. We’ll see you Outside the Lines, team.

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