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For Public Libraries
In each election cycle, tens of millions of dollars are at stake for public libraries. From bonding for new or remodeled building projects to changing milliages, levys, or tax rates that impact staffing, collections, programs, and services, public libraries are on the ballot. EveryLibrary will offer assistance to public libraries in both the pre-filing and campaign stages of an initiative. As a library evaluates fielding a ballot measure we can provide strategic consulting services, voter segmentation advice, and assistance in developing ballot language. We can assist in both feasibility studies and fundraising while helping you set up a local committee or PAC to operationalize voter education and get-out-the-vote campaigns for your initiative. During the run of a campaign, EveryLibrary can continue its technical and capacity-building consultancy while also providing direct financial support to the local committee or PAC in seed-stage or sustaining levels of support. In each instance, EveryLibrary will engage with the local library community to determine our best level and type of involvement. We work best for you when we work with you.

For School Libraries
Public library districts come to mind first when considering ballot initiatives, but they are by no means the only types of libraries where voter education and campaign support matters. School districts often need to ask the public for authorization to change tax rates or to issue bonds. Every school needs a library, librarians on staff, and a collection that supports the curriculum and student enrichment. EveryLibrary will help support school district initiatives when there are specific, budgeted line items for school libraries, librarian staff, and collections. We believe that school librarians are an integral part of the faculty and a highly qualified librarian helps immeasurably with student achievement and learning outcomes. We want to engage in fundraising, technical consulting, and direct support to local school committees and PACs when school libraries and librarians are part of the initiative.

For College and University Libraries
While most publicly funded academic institutions are governed by Boards of Regents and have appropriations made through the regular legislative process, many institutions require a ballot measure for extra-ordinary bonding authority. In some cases, a plebiscite is needed to establish a district (e.g. Community Colleges).  EveryLibrary can play a role in supporting these campaigns when library services on campus are explicitly embedded in the bond, levy, tax proposal, or referendum.  In all cases, EveryLibrary knows that a library on campus needs to go beyond the basics of accreditation standards to support student success and institutional advancement.  We want to be a consultative and financial resource for voter education with institutions that identify libraries and librarians as essential.


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