EveryLibrary is Winning Thanks to Your Support

everylibrary buttonEverylibrary is excited to announce that while we have existed for just 6 short months we have helped raise 1.85 million dollars for libraries by campaigning at the ballot box.  This is entirely because of your support of our organization!  You have given us the monetary resources and moral support that we need to make this possible and the credit for these wins belongs to you.

Where exactly has this money gone?  Well, after filing our paperwork and becoming an established organization, we were able to support three library campaigns.  Those were Spokane Washington, Ronan Montana, and Shorewood-Troy Illinois.  It was in these three campaigns where we proved that we can help libraries at the ballot box through campaign training, funding, and support that led to 1.85 million being won.  In fact, we won $370 for libraries for every $1 that we spent on a campaign.  Every dollar matters!

Even with these wins, our fight is far from over and in fact we have one our biggest fights against us with our next campaign.  This time we are moving into California where we are backing the work of Santa Clara County’s “Save Our Libraries 2013” ballot measure committee as they campaign for an August 27th, 2013 library election. Voters in Santa Clara County are being asked to reauthorize the Santa Clara County Library District’s current funding authority through a mail-in ballot in August.  Once again, we can’t do this kind of work without you and your support.  You’ve made it all possible.

In order for us to continue to win for libraries we have two easy ways that you can make it happen.

1) Please take a couple of seconds and encourage your friends, family, colleagues and library supporters to sign-up here to support EveryLibrary and share this form as much as you can.  It’s free and only takes a couple of seconds.

2) We are asking that you continue to support EveryLibrary and Libraries around the country with a contribution of $25.  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but remember that we have won $370 for every dollar that we’ve spent on campaigns.  Your $25 has the power to translate to $9,250!  You can make your donation here.

Once again, we thank you for your continued support of EveryLibrary and we know that the libraries that you have helped us support thank you as well.

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