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Where Your Donor Funds Go

EveryLibrary puts our donor funding to work in three ways: (1) directly on local library campaigns–for both public libraries and school libraries; (2) on building our national reach as an advocacy organization for libraries; and (3) on staff and projects that run the organization. As the only national 501(c)(4) for libraries, we are able to “bundle” small donations from across the country and send it to local Vote Yes committees where it’s needed. All our consulting services for libraries–and for Vote Yes committees–are offered pro-bono and without any chargebacks, fees, or other back-end financial arrangements. When we need to travel to a community, our libraries–sometimes through the local Friends or Foundations–reimburse actual travel expenses so our pro-bono consulting work goes further. When needed, our donor support allows us to waive travel costs for library communities that can’t afford it.


Our donors have always expected a high level of transparency from EveryLibrary. We are proud to be one of a handful of national political action committees that encourages our donors to self-disclose. We voluntarily provide our financial disclosure information to GuideStar, one of the largest information clearinghouses about nonprofit financials in the country, where we currently hold a “Gold Rate” certification. EveryLibrary is in compliance with current federal law and regulation concerning 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, and is in compliance with reporting to the State of Illinois, where we are chartered. In certain circumstances, donations are deductible expenses. Please consult your tax advisor or accountant.

EveryLibrary is entirely supported by individual and library vendor donors. We do not ask for or receive any funding from grantmaking, philanthropic, or charitable organizations. As an independent 501(c)(4) we are also ineligible for government grants (federal or state). As a donor-funded organization, we keep our overhead very low. Our staff work together in a “virtual office environment” that has few fixed expenses. While our services to library campaigns and communities are pro-bono and donor supported, most campaign travel and related expenses are reimbursed by the local community. Our office environment is supported by G-Suite. Nation Builder hosts our public-facing and pages. We utilize PayPal and Act Blue for third-party donation processors.


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