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Meet our New EveryLibrary Advisors

EveryLibrary is proud and lucky to have an Advisory Committee made up of engaged, passionate, and talented individuals from around the library world. They provide insights and advice to the board and our Executive Director to help set the organizational agenda and develop new approaches to library activism. They also provide an amazing amount of volunteer […]


Time for Voter Registration at your Library!

EveryLibrary is the national library partner for National Voter Registration Day on September 26th. I hope your library can be a local partner and help ensure that every American is registered to vote for election day on November 7th. Over the last 2 years, we have helped over 450 libraries across the country be a […]


We received this note in the mail the other day…

I was hesitant to share this because we definitely don’t do this work for the thanks. But, I realized that this note of thanks doesn’t belong to EveryLibrary. It belongs to many of you who support our work because we truly can’t do it without people like you who stood up when they tried to […]


How SaveSchoolLibrarians.org is Making a Difference

Publisher’s Weekly just released a great feature article about our collaboration with Follett Learning to create and launch SaveSchoolLibrarians.org, our national advocacy site focused on creating district-by-district change for school library funding. The goal of the site is to help any school librarian anywhere who is facing a threat to their position or sees an unfair budget cut […]


Two Big Wins for Libraries. Thanks to Your Support of EveryLibrary

This has been an outstanding week for libraries. We were able to win two major fights for libraries and ensure that community members were not denied access to their local library systems. You might remember the Christian County Campaign because we alerted you to the illegal tactics used by the opposition. Many of you responded […]


EveryLibrary Speaking Tour!

We are excited about traveling across the country in the next few months and speaking to librarians in dozens of states about building a better future for funding libraries through political organizing and action. Our webinars, keynotes, staff workshops, and panel discussions focus on training librarians to understand their political environment and how to influence […]


Help Libraries Eliminate Barriers to Voting for 34 Million Americans

At EveryLibrary, we want to help libraries eliminate barriers to voting for over 34 million Americans with disabilities. National Disability Voter Registration Week is an annual campaign that is designed to increase the political power of people with disabilities while also engaging candidates and the media to recognize the disability community. I am extremely proud […]


SaveSchoolLibrarians.org Featured in School Library Journal

Our mission with SavesSchoolLibrarians.org is pretty basics: we need to fix the disconnect in school districts that say they want successful schools and fully prepared students but don’t fund their libraries or employ enough qualified librarians. SaveSchoolLibrarians.org is focused on supporting both district-level change for budgets and funding as well as providing support for systemic change at […]


SCLA and EveryLibrary Team Up to SaveIMLS for South Carolina Libraries

PROPOSED FEDERAL BUDGET CUTS THREATENS $2.5 MIllION DOLLAR CUT TO SOUTH CAROLINA LIBRARIES Take action now at SaveSCimls.org. Columbia, SC. July 7, 2017 – Cuts proposed in President Trump’s budget would have devastating effects on libraries in South Carolina, according to state library officials and analysts.  The budget proposed by the Trump administration and now […]


Rally for School Librarians in Illinois – SaveSchoolLibrarians.org

“Rally to Restore School Librarians” held at the Thompson Center in Chicago on Friday, June 23rd Over 110 school librarians and supporters call on the governor and state legislators to improve school funding and ensure a licensed school librarian in every Illinois school.   The Illinois School Library Media Association (ISLMA) held a demonstration on […]