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Two Big Wins for Libraries. Thanks to Your Support of EveryLibrary

This has been an outstanding week for libraries. We were able to win two major fights for libraries and ensure that community members were not denied access to their local library systems. You might remember the Christian County Campaign because we alerted you to the illegal tactics used by the opposition. Many of you responded […]

Kennedy Jefferson High School - Librarians

Rapid Response for School Librarians in Cedar Rapids

The school system in Cedar Rapids, IA is facing a significant budget shortfall next year, and they are proposing to balance the budget by cutting school librarian positions. We have been asked by local school advocates there to help share the word about the proposed position cuts and to activate the community to preserve these vital […]

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Looks Like #noLB969 Worked in Nebraska

Well team, we are pleased to report that LB969, the bill in the Nebraska state legislature that would have dismantled library boards of trustees, devolved hire/fire for all employees to local mayors and city councils, set up “advisory committees” to choose books and collections for these libraries instead of professional librarians, and would have made […]


LB969 Update from Nebraska

Our colleagues at the Nebraska Library Association published an update today on their Legislative Advocacy Center about how LB969, a bill that would strip all powers from library boards of trustees in the state and politicize the hire/fire, collection development, donations, and records process for libraries across the state, is stalled in the Senate. As it should […]


Protect Nebraska Libraries!

The Nebraska legislature is currently reviewing a terrible bill for libraries that needs to be stopped. LB 969 would put politicians in charge of local libraries, instead of librarians and boards.  The General Affairs Committee there is set to have a hearing on it Monday, February 1st.  Our colleagues at the Nebraska Library Association have their […]

Gov Snyder at Rostrum

#VetoSB571 Petition Delivered to Governor Snyder

EveryLibrary dropped off our #VetoSB571 petition with 4,937 signatures to Governor Snyder today urging him to veto SB 571 and send it back to the Michigan legislature to fix Sec 57 provisions that create civil and criminal penalties on individuals – like librarians – and local units of government – like libraries – for sharing information within 60 days […]

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Veto SB 571

The Michigan House and Senate pulled a fast one last week and Governor Snyder needs to do the right thing for libraries, schools, and parks by Vetoing SB 571.  If SB 571 becomes law, librarians could be sent to jail for sharing factual information about elections with their communities. Library boards could be fined thousands […]

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Lib Politics Rodeo September 1, 2015

News from around the #libraries #politics world The Our Library, Our Community committee in Cedar Rapids (IA) has received enough signatures to get a measure on the November 3 ballot. The 27 cents per $1,000 of taxable valuation increase will go toward operations costs for the city’s new downtown library and west-side branch. It is expected […]

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Rosen Publishing Makes $5,000 Donation to EveryLibrary Rapid Response Fund to Help Libraries with Crisis Communications

EveryLibrary today announces a $5,000.00 donation from Rosen Publishing, a leading independent educational content provider, to establish its Rapid Response Fund. Rosen Publishing’s contribution will allow EveryLibrary to immediately begin direct support of libraries during crisis communications. This contribution follows a commitment Rosen Publishing made in 2013 to provide early campaign-focused support to EveryLibrary during […]