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An Open Letter to Libraries on the Ballot this Fall

Voters, donors, and allies are motivated to support your library campaign when they have a positive perception of the library. Equally important is their understanding of the high-impact, meaningful work that the staff does every day. However, as librarians and staff, we tend not to talk about our work, and this impacts our ability to […]

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Lib Politics Rodeo September 15, 2015

News from around the #libraries #politics world Ballots are due today in Darby (MT) for a special election to decide if the library will get a 3 millage increase to its funding. It will make up one third of their budget and will be used for staffing, facility maintenance, and materials. We have been working […]

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August Elections Round Up

We were tracking 6 library elections on the August 4th ballot this year. Even though some of the results are still preliminary it looks like 5 out of the 6 elections have won! We’re so happy to see that a majority of libraries received stable funding last week. Here is the breakdown. Spokane County Library […]

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Lib Politics Rodeo Summer Edition

As we return from the 2015 ALA Annual Conference we are busy following up on all the great conversations we had there. Here are a few things that came up on our radar while we were making it happen in San Francisco. On Our Reading List This blog post lays out 8 obstacles and lessons […]

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How Your Friends and Other Groups can Support Your Library Campaign

This post was written by Susan Swanton, Board Member At Large New York Library Association’s Board of the Friends of Libraries Section. As a Group: Appoint a liaison from your group to your library’s campaign committee or governing board. Regular reports from your liaison will ensure you are all on the same page Put Friends’ […]

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May elections round up

The May elections round up is brought to you by EveryLibrary Board Member, Peter Bromberg. Last week we tracked seventeen library related elections on the ballot. Fifteen took place on May 5 and two on May 2.  Twelve out of sixteen measures passed, meaning that 75% of libraries secured stable funding last week. Here is […]

Why academic librarians should support EveryLibrary

This essay was written by J. Turner Masland the Access Services Assistant Manager at Portland State University. Follow him on Twitter @deweysnotdead. I really did not expect so much drama over the changing of a street name. In 2009, Portland, Oregon’s city council proposed that 39th Avenue, a major thoroughfare, should change it’s name Cesar E. Chavez […]


Five Truths of Campaign Fundraising

This listicle is brought to you by EveryLibrary Board Member, Peter Bromberg. Campaigns for library ballot measures can be expensive, and often involve the raising of thousands of dollars. For many librarians, the idea of asking other people for money is outside of our comfort zone, especially when it comes to asking those closest to […]

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6 Things Your Friends and Foundation Can Do to Support Your next Library Ballot Campaign

This listicle is brought to you by the EveryLibrary Executive Director, John Chrastka. #1 Put some money into a local campaign committee fund The IRS limits spending by 501c3 organizations (like Friends and Foundations) to roughly 20% of their prior year’s budget. This means that your Friends group or Foundation can, with the guidance of […]


7 Challenges for Librarians from SXSW

#7 Libraries are “big data” companies masquerading as public anchor institutions. We need to bring our best IT people and enterprise-level vendors out to conferences like SXSW to tell the story of what multi-institutional resource sharing really means. We are better at it than we think. And networked libraries, systems, co-ops, vendors have a lot […]