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Rodeo cats

October Elections Round Up

There were a few library elections that we were tracking in October. We’re proud to see that all three were WINS for libraries.  Hopefully this trend will continue in to November. A ballot initiative called Norman Forward (OK) was passed by 72% of voters on October 13. A one half percent sales tax, over 15 […]

Worlds Smallest Sculpture Image

World’s Smallest Sculpture – Performance 4

Our Artist-in-Residence Steve Kemple is launching “The World’s Smallest Sculpture”, Performance 4 of “We’re In This Together“.  Join us in exhibiting the smallest traveling exhibit ever in libraries between August 17 – 24, 2015.  Please RSVP at our Facebook event page to share your photos and stories.   The world’s smallest sculpture will be on […]

International Space Station above planet earth. Your mission is to high-five your coworkers whenever it passes over your library.

I.S.S. High-Five – We’re in This Together – Performance no. 3

EveryLibrary’s first ever Artist-In-Residence is at it again with the third installment of his We’re In This Together project, and he needs your help. Your mission is as follows… For the entire month of August: Every time the International Space Station passes over your library, stop whatever you’re doing & high-five your coworkers. To view a schedule of […]

Performance 1 - Shhh Cover Art

Album Release – We’re in This Together – Performance 1

Your downloadable compilation of the best Shushes from Performance 1 of “We’re In This Together” by EveryLibrary Artist-in-Residence Steve Kemple is available for free for your listening pleasure on BandCamp.  With 109 tracks by librarians all over the country, this collaborative performance piece is as unique as it is lovely. And sibilant. “It’s exciting the […]

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EveryLibrary Artist-In-Residence

EveryLibrary is pleased to announce that we’ve chosen Cincinnati, Ohio based artist/librarian Steve Kemple as our first “Artist-In-Residence”. Over the course of six months, Steve will curate a series of virtual art installations and performances at libraries everywhere. The project, called We’re In This Together, will consist of a series of simple instructions to be […]