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Lafourche Voted NO, and It Was Good

The results are in and the anti-library measure in Lafourche was defeated with 53% voting NO.  The library community is Lafourche has been through a tough campaign.  EveryLibrary is happy to have given our support getting the word out to voters about their library during these last critical few hours of the campaign.  But they […]

Answering the Call for Lafourche

Yesterday started out quietly. And then this happened: Official wants to de-fund library, users should ‘go back to Mexico’ We honestly weren’t tracking on the Lafourche library election happening tomorrow.  I don’t think they were tracking on us, either.  But when an election that proposes to take money from the library in order to build […]

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From Advocacy to Activism for Libraries

I am proud of our 5th Anniversary today. As the first national political action committee for libraries, EveryLibrary was started with the idea that “any library funding measure anywhere should matter to every library everywhere”. This notion that we are all in this together as a community of folks who believe in the power of libraries, […]

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October Elections Round Up

There were a few library elections that we were tracking in October. We’re proud to see that all three were WINS for libraries.  Hopefully this trend will continue in to November. A ballot initiative called Norman Forward (OK) was passed by 72% of voters on October 13. A one half percent sales tax, over 15 […]

Cedar Rapids Public Library employee Heather Meyer-Boothby (right) processes a library card renewal for Mona Myhlhousen as volunteer Jazon Lea talks to her about library services during a door-to-door library card drive as part of Library Card Signup month in the Time Check neighborhood in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2015. (Adam Wesley/The Gazette)

How to Become – and Thrive – as a Fundraising Librarian

This post on fundraising is by Marc Huber. Marc Huber is an 18 year fundraising veteran who has consulted on the $25.3 million capital campaign for the DeKalb Public Library, IL, and is currently working as Director of Development for the IUPUI University Library in Indianapolis, IN. Marc is a member of ALA, ACRL, and the […]


Our Library Communities – EveryLibrary History

EveryLibrary is unique in our ability to work with the staff and elected/appointed leadership of libraries on planning and executing effective Information Only campaigns as well as being able to actively engage local ballot committees and citizen groups in advising and consulting on Get Out the Vote and voter engagement for the library measure. Since […]

Rapid Response Fund

Make “If I had only known, I would have helped my Library” a thing of the past…. EveryLibrary’s Rapid Response Fund is designed to address the single most significant problem in library advocacy today: no one is funding direct outreach to the public or stakeholders when a crisis hits libraries. Too many times, the urgent […]

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What Our Campaigns Say

“EveryLibrary provided Mid-Continent Public Library with an extraordinarily valuable service. Coming off of our 50th Anniversary and a National Medal, we believed we had a good public standing, but the Library hadn’t been before the voters in almost three decades. EveryLibrary provided assurance that we would do things the right way and we would use […]

When Enough Money Calls the Tune, the General Public Will Not be Heard

EveryLibrary is a Super PAC.  We lobby the public to advance an agenda and secure more money for our special interest group.  We put money into campaigns to influence the outcomes on Election Day.  Our mission is to win at the ballot box and to work against forces that hamper our industry’s ability to grow. […]