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Winning All Over the MapWe’ve done some heavy analysis of the 2014 library elections for Library Journal this year. This is more than just reporting on wins and losses. We take a deep-dive into the reasons voters behave the way they did, how the local opposition matters, and what the library community needs to start paying attention to now for future campaigns. Extensive data tables are included in the piece. Our executive director John Chrastka and our 2014 intern Rachel Korman co-wrote the article. They bring a perspective that is unique and informed by EveryLibrary’s direct support of over two dozen campaigns, and is leavened by extensive reporting throughout the year on library campaigns across the country. We want this to spark a discussion.

Special thanks to our board member Erica Findley for election results tracking throughout the year, and to LJ’s Meredith Schwartz, Executive Editor, and Laura Girmscheid, Research Manager, for shaping the article, filling in the data gaps, and presenting the 2014 data so succinctly.

Winning All Over the Map

EveryLibrary shares its insights on 2014’s ballot questions and lessons for future referenda

By John Chrastka and Rachel Korman
Library Journal, February 2015

On the face of it, 2014 looks like it was a pretty good year for libraries at the ballot box. Some 151 libraries reporting for this tally won and 40 lost. About 77% of libraries passed funding, bonds, or authority measures in 2014. Over 1.7 million Americans voted yes for their libraries. Only 23% lost. While unfortunate, it doesn’t seem tragic or perilous.

Nonetheless, of course, we’d like to figure out why the winners win and the losers lose, so we can help make sure there are more of the former and fewer of the latter in future. At EveryLibrary, we hear stories from both winning and losing library campaigns that try to make sense of an election, that try to put a frame around voter behavior…. [read the entire article on Library Journal]


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